Dr. Leila Worth, VMD, PhD, DACVR - Partnered Radiology Specialist


Dr. Leila Worth earned her college degree at Williams College, then a Ph.D. in Social Psychology from the University of California-Santa Barbara.

She taught at the University of Pennsylvania for a couple of years before starting veterinary school, graduating with her VMD in 1994. She then did an internship in large animal cardiology and ultrasound at New Bolton Center before completing her residency in radiology in 1998. She then joined Diagnostic Imaging in Denver, Colorado, one of the largest private practice veterinary radiology groups in the country. Dr. Worth was Board certified by the American College of Veterinary Radiology in 1999.

Having grown up in Europe Leila brings an international view of the world to her life. She is an avid sportswoman, participating in telemark, downhill, and cross country skiing; cyclocross, road, and mountain biking, as well as ice climbing and running. She enjoys her life with her dog, Golden.

Dr. Worth has been a great attribute to Lakewood Veterinary Hospital and to the patients here for 20+ years. She comes every Wednesday to perform our Ultrasounds/Echocardiograms and read all the radiographs (x-rays) that are performed on our patients here at Lakewood Veterinary Hospital.