Lakewood Veterinary Hospital

Lakewood Veterinary Hospital has been in the Lakewood community for 55+ years, and is an accredited member of the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). We have undergone an evaluation by AAHA to ensure that we comply with the association’s high quality standards of care. These standards cover nearly every aspect of our hospital, including surgery, pharmacy, laboratory, exam facilities, pet health records, cleanliness, emergency services, dental and nursing care, diagnostic imaging, and anesthesiology. Approximately 15 percent of animal hospitals in North America are accredited by AAHA.
We are proud of our accreditation, so ask us more about it!

"At Lakewood Veterinary Hospital, our team of dedicated professionals strive to provide compassionate care and high quality service to our patients and their human families in a clean and caring environment."

  • Mon- Fri: 7:30am - 6pm
  • Sat: 8am - 2pm
  • 2pm- 4pm by appt only
  • John Sylwester, DVM

    Lead Veterinarian/Practice Owner
    Dr. John Sylwester was born in Seattle, Washington in 1951, and spent his childhood traveling the world as the son of an Air Force Chaplin. He attended and graduated from Colorado State University with his doctorate in Veterinary Medicine.  Dr. Sylwester began his career with Lakewood Veterinary Hospital in 1976 working with Dr. Braley. In 1979 the two entered into a partnership and in 1986 Dr. Sylwester became the sole owner. He currently lives in Wheat Ridge with his wife, Deb, and two dogs, Sassy and Harley. Dr. Sylwesters daughter Joanna is currently studying at The University of Washington and spending her summer in Alaska.
    Years in Practice:
    Jan 01, 1976
    Colorado State University
  • Teresa Seggerman, DVM

    Associate Veterinarian
    Dr. Teresa Seggerman has been a relief veterinarian for Lakewood Veterinary Hospital for the last 2 years, and has now become our Associate Veterinarian. She has been a veterinarian for the past 25 years, serving large and small animals practice, emergency medicine, and the United States Army Veterinary Corps.

    She is owned by 4 pets: 1 dog, and 3 cats. She divides her time between a full-time career, playing the cello, hiking, and public speaking with a group called Toastmasters. She is currently working on a book about Veterinary Medicine.  


    Years in Practice:
    Aug 09, 2017
    Colorado State University
  • Larisa Cusimano, DVM

    Relief Veterinarian
    A Colorado native, Dr. Cusimano grew up in the suburbs of Denver and quickly developed a love of animals.  She followed that passion to Fort Collins, CO and completed her education at Colorado State University in 2004. After receiving her degree, she returned to her home town, working at several small animal hospitals along the front range.  Dr. Cusimano has 7 years experience as a veterinarian and has worked in the veterinary field for over 15 years.  “Dr. L” as she is more commonly known by her clients, shares her Arvada home with her husband, 4 mischievous cats, and a basset hound named Bugs.
  • Leila Worth, VMD, PhD, DACVR

    Specialist Veterinarian
    Dr. Worth earned her college degree at Williams College, then a PhD in Social Psychology from the University of California-Santa Barbara. She taught at the University of Pennsylvania for a couple of years before starting veterinary school, graduating with her VMD in 1994. She then did an internship in large animal cardiology and ultrasound at New Bolton Center before completing her residency in radiology in 1998. She then joined Diagnostic Imaging in Denver, Colorado, one of the largest private practice veterinary radiology groups in the country. Dr. Worth was Board certified by the American College of Veterinary Radiology in 1999.

    Having grown up in Europe Leila brings an international view of the world to her life. She is an avid sportswoman, participating in telemark, downhill and cross country skiing; cyclocross, road and mountain biking, as well as ice climbing and running. She enjoys her life Golden with her 3 dogs and 1 cat.

    Dr. Worth has been a great attribute to Lakewood Veterinary Hospital and to the patients here for 16+ years. She comes every Wednesday to perform our Ultrasounds and read all the radiographs (x-rays) that are performed on our patients here at Lakewood Veterinary Hospital.
  • Donna

    Donna has been at Lakewood Veterinary Hospital since 1977, currently working part-time while pursuing her other career as an artist. "I've tried to retire several times but can't seem to stay away!" Married to her husband, Jack since 1978, her family also consists of her 2 grown sons, a Border Collie and his 'flock' of 2 cats.
    Years in Practice:
    Jan 01, 1977
  • Dawn, CVT

    Senior Certified Technician Manager
    Dawn has been with the LVH family since 2001. She is a certified technician who attended the Belrea Institute. Dawn is the proud mother of two lovely daughters, and step mother to 2 more beautiful women. Dawn is the head technician here at Lakewood Veterinary Hospital and a member of our management team.
    Years in Practice:
    Jan 01, 2001
    Certified Veterinary Technician, Bel-Rea Institute
  • Lena, CVT

    Certified Veterinary Hospital
    Bio to follow....
    Years in Practice:
    Jan 04, 2018
    Front Range Community College
  • Vanessa

    Veterinary Technician (about to sit for her  CVT)
    Bio to follow
    Years in Practice:
    Dec 30, 2017
  • Christie

    Office Manager
    I came to Lakewood Vet. Hospital in 1999, but left in 2004 to pursue a degree in Biology. While I've been gone I married my wonderful husband Tim, gave birth to my 2 beautiful girls, adopted two puppies named Skyy  and Moose. Now I'm back at Lakewood Veterinary Hospital to enjoy all the cute pets that come in. My passion is in the animal industry and I strive to help the practice here at LVH to continue in growing. When I'm not here I'm either hiking, hanging with family or playing with my girls as my family continues to grow.
    Years in Practice:
    Jan 01, 2000
  • Madison

    Client Representative
    I entered the veterinary world looking for a career change and instantly knew this is what I was meant to do. I had worked at a veterinary clinic prior to Lakewood Veterinary Hospital and feel that LVH is the perfect fit for me. When I am not at the clinic you can find me in the mountains hiking, rock climbing, camping – you name it! I currently have a kitty named Fynn and a German Shepherd named Echo (who you will often find accompanying me on all my adventures.) I now want to further my education and pursue a lasting career with our four legged pals. 
    Years in Practice:
    Jul 08, 2015
  • Megan

    Client Representative
     I moved to Colorado Springs, CO from St. Louis, MO in early 2014. I fell in love with the state and decided to start school, then soon graduated as a Veterinary Assistant. I moved to Denver shortly after to start my work in the veterinary field, a passion of mine that has always been close to my heart throughout the years. I have two, four-legged feline family members, Oliver and Ziggy. They are my world! On my off days you can find me at yoga, hiking, fishing or relaxing with my cats. I am so happy to be able to share my love for animals with the patients and clients here!
    Years in Practice:
    Aug 09, 2017
  • Cassandra

    Kennel Staff
    Cassandra, Cassandra, Cassandra! Cassandra came to Lakewood Veterinary Hospital when she was still in high school, in 2003. She is a kennel attendant and one of the best technician assistants around. Cassandra gave birth to a very handsome little man, Joey, on April 20, 2008. She has much love for her son, her family, and her cats.
    Years in Practice:
    Jan 01, 2003